Our design consultants specialize in creating more space from your limited area. Space planning is more than just placing a desk in an office. There are many factors involved in creating a functional, efficient office environment.

Planning Factors Include:

  • What are the ADA & fire code recommendations?
  • What is the job function of each department?
  • What equipment is needed at the desks to perform the job function? Computer, flat screen or CRT, printer, phone, and more?
  • What items do you need quick and easy access to daily?
  • Is background noise a distraction to your work environment?
  • How do you currently accommodate active & anticipated work?
  • Do you meet with others frequently at your desk?
  • If you could change something about your current workspace, what would it be? More lighting, desk space, storage, or privacy?

CAD Design

When planning the interior layout of your office, see what it will look like before you bring in the furniture. This is great when building multiple stations or offices with unusual features or dimensions. With our Computer-Aided Drafting system, we can show you 2- and 3-dimensional drawings of the space. The floor plan of the office is drawn to scale, including the doors, windows, columns, and other existing structures. Each drawing includes proper walkways and outlets that pass the American Disabilities Act and local building codes. We gladly supply renderings that show recommended electrical, voice, and data drops for your stations based on your furniture layout. Also, we are pleased to coordinate all phases of your work with the other project contractors.

Tip: Reducing Workspace Noise

Open offices are a reality of the workplace. With as many as eight out of ten knowledge workers in open-plan environments, the recognized benefits of increased collaboration, engagement and knowledge transfer, not to mention greater space efficiency, means they are here to stay. Click here to download a PDF that addresses how to control noise in your workspace courtesy of Knoll®

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